Knowledge Transfer Consulting Limited


Solution delivery with the capacity to render exceptional services and support to both Local and foreign companies in the following fields of competence:


·         Negotiation of Technology Transfer agreements between local companies in Nigeria  and their foreign technical partners to ensure that international contracts have equitable terms and conditions with value addition for all projects implemented in Nigeria

·         Processing the registration of Technology Transfer agreements signed between Local companies and their foreign technical partners in order to comply with the National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP) regulations and guidelines.

·         Facilitating implementation of projects which require assistance from foreign technical partners with a commitment to impact and transfer knowledge to Nigerians

·         Rendering technical advice on Technology Transfer business transactions

·         Strengthening National Innovation System by facilitating  Research- Industry linkages through Public Private Partnership Programmes

·         Facilitating capacity building programmes on  Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

·         Organisation of conferences, workshops and seminars on franchising

·         Sensitising Research Communities on the importance of intellectual property rights in promoting innovation system

·         Facilitating the implementation of projects in collaboration with NOTAP under Public Private Partnership Programme (PPP)

      Knowledge Transfer Consulting is set to leverage Intellectual Property Rights(IPR) to derive value for both foreign and Nigerian companies

Franchise Development

      Lead generation, preparation of business plan, general documentation for Nigerian Companies seeking business expansion using the franchising model